Friday, 23 March 2012

Team GB Kit for London 2012 Olympic Games

The kit for Team GB in the London 2012 Olympic Games has been redesigned and displayed today. The kit has been designed by British iconic designer Stella McCartney, daughter of the famous Beatle Paul McCartney.

As you can see clearly from the design, the colours are primarily black and blue, it is this that has a country divided and very much debating many factors surrounding the kit.

The most obvious thing to debate is the colour, the Olympic Games is Country against Country and each team member that competes, in whatever event is there to represent their country and do the best they can, with the sole goal of brining home a Gold Medal.  Almost every country that competes in the games does so in the colours of their nation. The USA would wear red white and blue, in fact I can remember one Olympic Games where the USA Team Kit was practically the Stars and Stripes flag. African nations wear their brightly coloured kits also, but the key here is representation.

The British flag is of course the Union Flag, a mixture of the St George Cross, St Andrew Cross and St Patricks Cross making red white and blue. Nowhere in the flag is there black and in the 2012 GB team kit there is very little red at all.

Of course some people are not interested in the colour of the kit, so long as we do well and bring home Gold, what does it matter and ordinarily I would be inclined to agree, but on this particular occasion I don't. This is our Olympic Games, London 2012 is our time to shine as a nation of England, Scotland, Wales and N Ireland, the entire British Isle should be red white and blue ready to welcome all the other wonderful nations competing in the games.

And please before anyone thinks it, there is absolutely no racial connotations in my opinion what so ever. It is an absolute disgrace that certain groups with no ethical and moral fibre has hijacked our National flag, a flag many men and women have proudly fought for and died. I myself served in the finest regiment in the British Army, The 1st Battalion Irish Guards and was so honoured and privileged to serve the Royal Family and this beautiful nation of ours.

Next thing up for debate is whether or not Stella McCartney or any other fashion designer for that matter should have been appointed to design the kit, rather than the more traditional sports company such as Nike or Adidas? I am the last person in the world to comment on fashion, I dress like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards. However in this image Stella McCartney, international fashion designer, is posing for the photo with Olympic team members in what looks like her PJ's, doesn't really install a lot of faith.

What are your thoughts on the kit, does it matter what the colours are? or is it just about the winning that matters? I'd love to know your thoughts.

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