Monday, 19 March 2012

Fused Sport

First of all thank you for taking the time to read this post. For those of you how don't know me, my name is Ivor Harrison, however all my friends and family call me Harry, this is on account of my time in the British Army and Harry was just a name that was given to me due to my surname and stuck.  On that note I served in the British Army, the 1st Battalion Irish Guards for almost 13 years, where unfortunately my time was cut much shorter than anticipated. I was due to serve for the full twenty two years, however I sustained a serious spinal injury and was medically retired. 

I then got involved in technology, which is my main passion, but my only true passion is sport, primarily Liverpool Football Club. I have been writing post on my tech web site for the past few years Techmedia Fusion and Tech Planet 30. Whilst I love the site and the people who visit it, I wanted to be able to write about things happening in the world of football and never could for obvious reasons on Techmedia Fusion

And so I have started Fused Sport and Fused News, two sites where I can write and talk about subjects I care about and always tend to have a strong opinion on. Although Liverpool FC is my club and I love it deeply and will defend it to the death ;) I will also be writing about other clubs fairly and on a professionally unbiased manner. 

I would like to mention that Football will not be the only subject discussed on the site, with the London Olympics 2012 just around the corner, I will also be reporting on the Games. This is a hugely influential time for us Brits, Scott's, Irish and Welsh as we all come together under the one flag the Untied Kingdom. 

As with all the sites and social networking I write on, I welcome, in fact; encourage your comments, no matter what they are about. If you feel I need to be covering a certain subject, just let me know or perhaps if you feel the site is lacking something just let me know. It doesn't matter if the comments are negative, in fact they are often the comments that will help me make a much better site for you. So please do not worry about offending me, it is all for the greater good of the site and ultimately your enjoyment. 

Kind Regards 


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