Tuesday, 12 June 2012

England v France Euro 2012 Review

I've mentioned on my twitter account my feelings about England and their hopes in this tournament. Basically every tournament that I can remember England taking part in, and I am 38, there has always been a almost arrogant expectation that England should win. Obviously to have this much confidence and backing of this style is a good thing but there are massive implications surrounding such outlook, primarily pressure. This time for Euro 2012 the expectation has been pretty much nothing, even the players had a certain defeated attitude, but for me this is what could take England all the way to Euro 2012 final. This is my England v France Euro 2012 review.

Englands first game of Euro 2012 was last night, Monday the 11th of June 2012, against probably the worst team out of them all to play. Pretty much the expectation was that France would destroy England, it goes without saying this is not what the hearts of us English fans wanted but our heads where certainly of the opinion. However I firmly believed that England's underdog status would serve them well, especially given the upset on the very first game of the tournament, Denmark v Holland, who would have thought that the mighty Dutch would have been beat by the Danes.

Settling down to watch the game and after about 20 minutes I thought England played like they had never played before, perhaps a bit narrow, lacking width, but tight, accurate passing, quick and clinical. Then came the perfect cross from Stevie Gerrard, onto the head of the unlikely candidate for the opening goal, Lescott. England where off to a high start and never really lost composure, nor did they start to sit back and defend their lead, they where hungry for more. Perhaps the injury plagued England squad wasn't going to suffer after all.

Then at the 39th minute, French player Nasri scores the equaliser, followed by an odd display of celebration. It has been later suggested that the French player was mimicking the hush sign with his finger aimed at England coach Gary Neville.

For me personally I thought England played with more heart and passion than I have witnessed in my 38 years of existence and long may it continue. this very much could be our year and long may England reign over football. Euro 2012 being won by England would quite simply be the icing on the cake for what is turning out to be an incredibly memorable patriotic year. The Diamond Jubilee, The Olympics, The Queens Birthday Parade Trooping Of The Colour and a Euro 2012 trophy.

Match Stats as by Sky Sports.

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