Tuesday, 10 July 2012

John Terry v Anton Ferdinand

John Terry has appeared in court today again for the alleged racial abuse fired in the direction of Queens Park Ranger player, Anton Ferdinand, back last season during a Premiership game between Chelsea and QPR.

Last season Liverpool's, Suarez, was also accused of racial abuse toward a Manchester United player. The FA felt with the incident and Suarez was banned for 5 games and quite theft fine. It is thought that if John Terry is convicted of this crime, the maximum sentence he will receive is a £2,500 fine, a mere drop in the ocean for John Terry, pocket change in fact. However I should imagine that if convicted through the civilian court, would the FA also have to act upon his charge?

Unfortunately racial abuse towards players, officials and fans is all too common place on the terrace of English Football. There is no doubt that it has been reduced over the years, especially since the days of hooliganism, back in the 70's 80's and early 90's. Never the less, despite this reduction I fear that the day where racial abuse is completely done away with on the terrace, is still a long way away, if at all. There is no doubt it is an ugly side of the game and one that certainly needs pushing out altogether.

I do think that if John Terry is convicted of this crime then he should face a penalty much higher than is expected. However I also feel that it was wrong for Anton Ferdinand's mother to bring Doreen Lawrence's mother to the hearing with her. That, in my opinion sent out a very powerful sign, especially given the terrible fate her son Stephen Lawrence suffered.

Whilst justice must been done, the courts must make sure that the trial does not turn into a media circus and that the facts of this case and this case only are at focus.

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