Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Bradley Wiggins Super Britton

Bradley Wiggins has just become the first Britton to win the Tour de France, 2012 has certainly been the year of all years for the United Kingdom. This year alone, we have held Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee, mixed in with the Trooping Of The Colour and then the Olympics which starts in just over a week from today. On top of these special occasions England Football team played quite well in Euro 2012, Andy Murray almost won Wimbledon and then the magnificent Bradley Wiggins goes on to Win the Tour de France.

There are of course many big races throughout the year, all over the world, however none seem to carry the prestige that comes with the Tour de France. With Bradley Wiggins being the first ever British man to win the race, many are calling for him to be Knighted on the next honours list.

One thing that I have personally noticed during the following of Bradley Wiggins on the Tour de France, is yes, he is a professional sports person, but put side by side to our over paid, over inflated, egotistical professional footballers, he really is in a different league.
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Here is a man who works harder than most when it comes to cycling for his country and above all for himself, he, along with so many other professional sporting personalities who play sports where they are not paid £60,000 per week, constantly out perform their so called professional footballer counterparts. Why is it that Bradley Wiggins can win a gruelling bike race such as the Tour de France and on his return home have a weeks rest, then head off to Team GB's training camp in Surrey where he will train for the Olympics. All of this without a whimper of complaining. Whilst our professional footballers, paid grotesque amounts of money, can play one or two games of football, with perhaps a week apart between each game and then use the excuse of tiredness for their under performing appearance.

Football in the UK and Europe has unfortunately helped breed a group of  over paid, underachieving, useless sports personalities, which more tragically act as roll models to our children, due to the massive over exposure they receive. And then we wonder why we find it difficult to develop footballers who want to play the beautiful game for the love of the game as opposed to the love of the wage packet.
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So many other sports, produce individuals that play the sport because of a childhood passion that has developed into a profession. Rugby, Tennis, Cycling, Athletics and many more. Of course these sports have high prize money attached to the winning of the sport, but leading up to that win, they are most certainly not being paid in excess of £60 - 80,000 per week, most people don't earn this in a year.

So taking all of what I have just written into consideration, I feel men and women taking part in sporting events for Team GB in the Olympics and other sporting events such as the Tour de France are the real hero's, heroes that in my opinion don't get the full level of recognition they deserve. I would much rather any one of my children look up to Bradley Wiggins for a roll model as opposed to John Terry, Rio Ferdinand, Ronaldo or any other hig profile footballer for that matter.

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