Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Paralympians Are True Super Hereos

This is the finest television advert in the history of media advertising, finally a campaign that shows these extraordinary people in the true form the really are, Paralympians are true Super Heroes. For far too long the Paralympic Games have been over shadowed by the Olympic Games, however over recent Olympic Games both sets of athletes have been integrated into exactly the same exposure.

When I sustained my spinal injury whilst on Operational Tour as a British Soldier, I lost my job as an Infantry Soldier and was truly devastated. Devastated because I was loosing the job I had wanted to do from the age of five, but also devastated because of the limitations that where place on me mobility wise. On one occasion when I was in hospital having a spinal fusion, I was being taken for an MRI Scan, however I passed through an area when a lot of very sick children where. It was at this point that I knew I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself, here was I, wanting to serious end my life, however these children that in some cases where far worse than myself, where all smiles and just getting on with life. It was so clear to see their strength that I actually felt total shame that I allowed myself to feel this way.
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For me personally, things have become progressively worse and watching this advert really does put things in perspective. I know it is only a media campaign for the London 2012 Olympic Games, however it is so well put together that I really feel has a much more poignant message hidden within, other than just the Olympic Games.

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