Friday, 3 August 2012

Russell Brand and Billy Connolly Go Head To Head

Comedian Russell Brand, whilst in LA filming his latest project, the musical "What About Dick", has once again landed himself in hit water with another sexually related incident.

The British comedian who has had notorious problems surround sex, so much so he has not long completed a spell in a sex rehab clinic, was reprimanded by fellow comedian Billy Connolly. Brand held up filming for the entire cast, over a two hour period, as he demanded a wardrobe assistant show him, her breasts.

Brand continue to badger the lady for two hours, refusing to start work until she flash her breasts. Eventually the wardrobe assistant gave in as she could see the problems arising and feared no work getting done. Billy Connolly, also filming on the same show, was not impressed what so ever and gave brand a dressing down.

The main stream media who reported upon the incident, brushed the event off as another bit of banter from the loveable rouge Russell Brand, who's charm always wins the day and went on to praise his performance.

What about the fact he really should be sitting in an LA jail awaiting a court hearing on a charge of sexual harassment. Perhaps even a public apology to his fellow actors / comedians such as Billy Connolly and Eddie Izzard who have both been in the business much longer than Brand and so deserve a certain amount of respect.

Apparently Brand and Connolly did have a heart to heart later that evening, however it doesn't retract from the fact he basically held a women against her will demanding she expose her body to him. As this is not Brands first incident of a sexual nature, I really do think the more he is not made accountable for his actions, the mire his behaviour will continue and perhaps even reach more serious levels. The more his behaviour is tolerated the worse it could become. 

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